Amira Sukkar  (Reply via mail): Rawdat al Dolphin is looking for elementary English language teachers.  see more
Farzana parveen  (Reply via mail): I have finished MSc information technology in 2008, I am searching the job in schools…  see more
Daniel Marrouche  (Reply via mail): A Lebanese English Teacher with an 8-year-experience is looking for a teaching job…  see more
Enas wafik  (Reply via mail): Iam a vetrinarian and have diploma of microbiology worked many years as a science…  see more
SHOAIB HANIF  (Reply via mail): i have done masters in Matematics and also have done B.Ed..and having Ten years…  see more
Qurat ul ain Azhar  (Reply via mail): i have 3 year experience of KG and MONTESSORI and i am also teach to Montessori…  see more
Anis Sahih  (Reply via mail): FC Computer Science, seeking Computer Teacher vacancy.  see more
MUhammad ISmail  (Reply via mail): i am a mathematics teacher. i m also doing teaching in Rangers public school in…  see more
KG teacher needed in Jeddah  (Reply via mail): KG female teacher needed in reputable school located in Jeddah with a degree and…  see more
Ghassan Itani  (Reply via mail): A U.S. graduate, with ten years of teaching experience looking for a full-time science…  see more
Ahmed AL-Rababa'ah  (Reply via mail): I am a teacher of Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers/ Master degree, with 15 years of…  see more
Rana Ghulam Mustafa  (Reply via mail): I am Rana Ghulam Mustafa. I am Master in English Literature. I also have Master…  see more
Ghina hawchar  (Reply via mail): hello i have done my BA in envirenmental and heath and i'm looking for a job as…  see more
Shazia begum  (Reply via mail): assalm walaikum, am a kindergarten and montessori teacher looking for job in Kuwait…  see more
Nisrine jaf  (Reply via mail): Am lebanese girl studying psychology in my last year before graduation and searching…  see more
Randa zarif  (Reply via mail): نظراً لأهمية موضوع الصعوبات التعلمية في أيامنا…  see more
Ahmed Saad  (Reply via mail): I am PE teacher with 10 years of experience looking for Physical Education position  see more
Said  (Reply via mail): I am a Canadian citizen looking for an English teaching position in middle east…  see more
ANJALI VINEETH  (Reply via mail): Software Engineer with 1.2 years of experience. Seeking for a job in teaching section.  see more
Christiane Haber  (Reply via mail): I am looking for an administrative position at any school in Metn lebanon, i have…  see more
Firas Alkanawati  (Reply via mail): holding BA in economic science and MBA in Management looking for an educational…  see more
Syeda Sara Ashraf  (Reply via mail): Assalam O Alaikum ! I have done B.A. This month I will get my result, I am seeking…  see more
Aalia christopher  (Reply via mail): I am in final year Batchelor Of Education . Also Have an arts degree. Batchelor…  see more
Ali Miqdadi  (Reply via mail): I'm An ENglish Teacher :looking to launch my career and gain experience in Teaching…  see more
TAREQ . Y. M . MELHEM  (Reply via mail): I hold a PhD degree in Special Education. I am fluent in Arabic and English, and…  see more
Erum furqan  (Reply via mail): i am an art teacher having bachelors of design degree, currently looking for job…  see more
Fida Ibrahim  (Reply via mail): I'm a Business/Economics teacher/Head of Secondary Department,looking for a job…  see more
Lulwa  (Reply via mail): Vacancies for KG & Elementary Teachers in Kuwait  see more
Yara Semaan  (Reply via mail): I am a special educator looking for a job.  see more
Fahmida Rafat  (Reply via mail): I have degree holder of Bs.c and B.Ed looking a job of Science subject. if u have…  see more
Mahran Abou Fakhr  (Reply via mail): I am ART TEACHER with more than 8 years teaching experience looking for new job…  see more
Nizar ben ali  (Reply via mail): i´m a teacher of english from tunisia working with the tunisian ministry of education…  see more
School in aramoun  (Reply via mail): Needed "Robotics" teacher for a school in Aramoun for this year (2014-2015). Kindly…  see more
Firas mohamad ahmad  (Reply via mail): hello,i am science teacher seeking for job  see more
Sara Itani  (Reply via mail): biochemistry graduate looking for a teaching job( chem or bio) in Beirut  see more
Douha hashem  (Reply via mail): i am a teacher in computer in lebanon-tripoli and need a school job  see more
Uğur Aygün  (Reply via mail): I am a French/English Teacher - International Relations and Project Coordinator.…  see more
Feriani Wajdi  (Reply via mail): I'm a Tunisian teacher of English (8 years of experience), willing to work in the…  see more
Jinan Karameh  (Reply via mail): We are in a need for an experienced middle school English teacher. Please contact…  see more
Donald Gabrieal  (Reply via mail): Sir, Iam a trained biology teacher. I would like to be a part of your team. Please…  see more
Radouane mjahed  (Reply via mail): i'm an english teacher. i'm looking for a job in the field of teaching  see more
Zayed Salman  (Reply via mail): I am physical education teacher with 12 years experience last two years in international…  see more
Rushda Ansari  (Reply via mail): i want to join your organizatiom  see more
Ramzi Jebabli  (Reply via mail): I hold a bachelor degree in english linguistics. i am perfectly trinlingual french,…  see more
Hanan ismail  (Reply via mail): biology - chemistry teacher BS in biology  see more
Nevein Ibrahim  (Reply via mail): Montessori Teacher/ study plan setting for pre-kg and preschools  see more
Ferchichi faten  (Reply via mail): I am writing you to express interest in securing the Physical Education position…  see more
Usama Harb  (Reply via mail): Social Studies/ Humanities teacher with 7 years of experience.  see more
Saidi Rafik  (Reply via mail): i'am a Teacher of English from Tunisia ,i have many experiences in teaching looking…  see more
OMARI Mohammed  (Reply via mail): Teacher of English with 5 years of Experience. Motivated , responsible and qualified.  see more
Joy Ewaz  (Reply via mail): 3 months and I will get my BA in English Education, any job for me as an English…  see more
Sunitha  (Reply via mail): im redy to join......can u,???  see more
Zeina Tabet  (Reply via mail): Looking for an English teacher"s position in Lebanon, 8 years experience, BA English…  see more
Nisreen Nimer Ahmad  (Reply via mail): nisreen,primary math teacher,ready to jon immediately  see more
Amr ebrahim mohamed  (Reply via mail): Arabic + islamic studies teacher 97334158700  see more
Wissam hamdar  (Reply via mail): maitrise en bio_chimie universiter libanaise .j'enseigne tous les matiere scientifique…  see more
Carol Hanna  (Reply via mail): i am a math teacher with 11 years of experience and am looking for a school in lebanon…  see more
Hanane mahfouz  (Reply via mail): i need a teaching job- jbeil, batroun jounieh areas-Ba biochemistry-Master in nutrition-  see more
Bassam Mdawar  (Reply via mail): English Teacher, BA in English Literature, TD Engish Laguage, 10 yrs experience…  see more
HASAN DARWISH  (Reply via mail): BA holder; Linguistics; Trilingual; TOEFL: 637; TOEIC: 960/990; Lebanese University…  see more
Rindala HAWCHAR  (Reply via mail): Maths teacher, 2 years experience, I need a job in Lebanon Beirut or Maten.Graduate…  see more
Shaiwana Fatima  (Reply via mail): Bsc Graduate with optional Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry. Looking for…  see more
Aida Mansour  (Reply via mail): I m a Tunisian 13 year experienced High school English teacher interested in working…  see more
سامح رياض احمد  (Reply via mail): مدرس رياضيات خبرة 6 سنوات  see more
Inas Barakat  (Reply via mail): High school teacher with majors in English/Arabic and Islamic studies ,6 years experience,…  see more
Zouheir Adnan Baayoun  (Reply via mail): math teacher with 4 years experience, Lebanese university graduate  see more
مريم عبد الكريم  (Reply via mail): خريجة بكالوريوس علم حاسوب من الجامعة الاردنية…  see more
Ezzeddeen  (Reply via mail): English teacher with more than 8 years of experience in lebanon and UAE looking…  see more
Suleiman Al Hassan  (Reply via mail): سليمان الحسن .. خريج ادب انجليزي .. خبرة تدريس…  see more
Mariam Lebanon  (Reply via mail): ارغب بالعمل كمدرّسة جغرافيا..حاصلة على شهادة…  see more
Shamera jhumka  (Reply via mail): I am looking for a job as English and Literature in English teacher in Dubai or…  see more
Mr. saab  (Reply via mail): i'm a physical education looking for a job in UAE dubai i have 15 years of experiences…  see more
Raja Kamran  (Reply via mail): i have done my masters in English Language and Literature and i am seeking teaching…  see more
Yasmine Shamy  (Reply via mail): i'm a biochemstry graduate i'm serching for a job as a science teacher in beirut…  see more
Nisrine  (Reply via mail): I am looking for a job in Dubai or Lebanon as a science coordinator. I have a masters…  see more
Nicole habib harb el jazzar  (Reply via mail): i am looking for a job as an english teacher...i have been graduated from the lebanese…  see more
Khalid mahmood  (Reply via mail): I NEED A JOB AS A PHYSICS TEACHER-  see more
Stephan Azadian  (Reply via mail): A fresh biology graduate from the Lebanese University, currently a Masters student.…  see more
Zeina FTOUNI  (Reply via mail): zeina FTOUNI: I'm looking for a job in beyrouth or bekaa, I had a bachelor degree…  see more
Mr Kabbani  (Reply via mail): KG Teachers needed immediately for a school in Beirut - Mazraa 01308863  see more
Wissem sghiri  (Reply via mail): im teacher of physical education, fitness coach and coach of football so i look…  see more
HAMZA DAHIA  (Reply via mail): Canadian English teacher with 15years exp,ESL,TOEFL;can Teach French too,am certified  see more
My Nursery  (Reply via mail): A qualified English teacher is needed for a nursery in Dubai , with at least 2 years…  see more
Nyzak Kindergarten  (Reply via mail): Nyzak Kindergarten English Teachers Job Vacancy in October 6th- City If you have…  see more
Marwa ghally  (Reply via mail): needed for international nursery at pyramids garden 1-foreign English & french and…  see more
Student success  (Reply via mail): Looking for a MALE English private teacher for a grade 9 student in Beirut.. please…  see more
MUHAMMAD MEHBOOB-UL-HASSAN  (Reply via mail): I am an English teacher and looking for English teaching job. I have done MA English(…  see more
Monia bren  (Reply via mail): I am an English Teacher from Tunisia with over 14 years experience teaching ESP…  see more
Khalima Kappusheva  (Reply via mail): A teacher of English ( PHD)... looking for a job in UAE...have 7 years of teaching…  see more
Saoudi sonia  (Reply via mail): I am an English teacher from Tunisia looking for schools in ajman  see more
The Website Team  (Reply via mail): Like our page and join our group on FACEBOOK:  see more
Nader mahrous louka  (Reply via mail): I am a Math teacher from Egypt with over 13 years experience for SAT(I,II) and IGCSE…  see more
Wael  (Reply via mail): انا مدرس علوم مصري الجنسية وأرغب بالعمل باحدى…  see more
Lamia  (Reply via mail): I am Islamic teacher searching for school in Qatar or UAE  see more
The Website Team  (Reply via mail): We are so glad to announce that the opportunity of direct communication between…  see more
Salem Zak  (Reply via mail): Science and Math teachers are needed for a school in Riyadh. English fluency and…  see more
Sara Teacher  (Reply via mail): Nice idea! It would be great if you integrate universities into your website.  see more
فاطمة  (Reply via mail): فكرة جيدة... وفقكم الله  see more
Hiba Al Hajj  (Reply via mail): I like the idea. It is good for teachers to have such kind of websites.  see more
The Website Team  (Reply via mail): we are so glad to announce that all website visitors can write their comments and…  see more

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